MSNBC Legal Analyst: Flynn’s Crime — Lying to an FBI Agent — ‘Substantial,’ Risked ‘Damaging Our Country’

‘It’s hard to believe he didn’t have that close day to day interaction with the Jared Kushner’


KIRSCHNER: “Well, you know, that -- that's -- it’s a great point, Steph, because Kushner I think is knee deep in this. On -- on the Russia front we know that he was at the Trump Tower meeting. And I think the fact that Michael Flynn had such a close relationship with President Trump, and by extension, it’s hard to believe he didn’t have that close day-to-day interaction with the Jared Kushners, with the Don Juniors. And I think given -- as -- as Barb said, you know, Bob Mueller has recommended zero time. You can’t get more lenient than zero time. And let's be clear, Michael Flynn’s crimes are substantial, they’re consequential. They had the --  they ran the real risk of damaging our country. And yet he gets zero time, he does get away scot-free, as some have said. He must have provided so much information about Trump, about Kushner, about Don Junior and others that -- that I think there’s a lot of trouble coming down the pike.”

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