Dick Durbin on Khasoggi: MBS Must Have Been Part of This As It Reached the Highest Levels of His Security Force

‘This was an orchestrated decision by some 15 members of the Saudi forces to go into Istanbul’


DURBIN: "Well, of course, we just had a briefing the week or two before from Secretary Mike Pompeo and Secretary Mattis in which they said, quote, no smoking gun. In fact, Secretary Pompeo went on to publish an article in 'The Wall Street Journal' accusing those who are raising this issue of so-called caterwauling over this assassination. I couldn't understand the PR effort by the Trump administration and Secretary Pompeo we sat down with the very same intelligence analysts and the conclusion was obvious. This was an orchestrated decision by some 15 members of the Saudi forces to go into Istanbul to lure Khashoggi into the consulate to kill him. Once he was in the consulate, dismember his body and dispose of it. That's a simple fact. And MBS, the crown prince who now leads Saudi Arabia, must have been part of this as it reached the highest levels of his security force." 

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