Marc Morano: Libs Like Gore, Sanders ‘Want Everyone Else To Give Up Fossil Fuels’

‘Bernie comes from a long line’


DOOCY: "It doesn’t sound as if you are letting Bernie off the hook regarding this."
MORANO: "No. In fact, Bernie comes from a long line. Just last month the U.N. environmental chief had to resign for being up in the air 80 percent of the time. The U.N. internal audit said he was an embarrassment. You have Leonardo DiCaprio who flies 8,000 miles to pick up environmental award. You have John Travolta who actually is the only one gets the hypocrisy of this issue. He said he is not the best spokesman for climate change even though he's a big activist because he flies jets around. He has a whole airline hanger in his home. You have Al Gore who lives in private jets and flies all around with huge carbon emissions. But again, this is the sort of tone deaf thing. Arnold Schwarzenegger who just went to the U.N. summit in Poland and called President Trump crazy for not believing in climate change, he commuted daily to the governor’s mansion when he was governor at the same time touting his global warming bill. There's a total disconnect between what they claim to be doing and what the reality is. They want everyone else to give up fossil fuels, they themselves are unwilling to make an ounce of change in their lives."

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