Michael Goodwin: Dems Love Republicans, When They’re Dead

‘There is a pattern, except when they die, then suddenly they were the great Americans’


HANNITY: "Here with reaction, Fox News contributor, New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin is with us, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, also a Fox News contributor. Here it is, Dems love Republicans, when they’re dead. Michael Goodwin, the fact is it’s true."

GOODWIN: "Yes, it is sad, Sean, you are right. And as I pointed out in the column, this all sounds similar. The — he is a hero. He is a gentleman. He is a patriot. He is a great American. And they said the same thing about John McCain when he was in his coffin. When they were alive, the same media attacked them relentlessly, accused them of racism. Stirring up, fomenting trouble everywhere. Taking the country backwards. They attacked their Supreme Court nominees with the same way that Brett Kavanaugh was attacked. So there is a pattern, except when they die, then suddenly they were the great Americans. In this case, of course, they are being used, those virtues are being used against Donald Trump. It’s really a double whammy for the Democrats in this day and age."

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