George Will: Russians ‘Wanted To Sow Salt in Our Social Wounds ... They Wanted Mr. Trump To Get Elected’

‘They were much more professional about this than his campaign ever could have been’


WILL: “That’s right. It’s worth remembering that Mueller is from Bush’s world. St. Paul school athlete of the Princeton Marine Corps officer. University of Virginia law school, the whole thing. The biggest puzzle to me and maybe someone has intuitions about it is the whole Mueller probe. He got 16 hard charging, type a personalities to get off their fast tracks and lucrative careers to come here. He didn’t say come on down we’re going to indict someone called Papadopoulos. He told them there’s something here. He must have enticed them with that. Second thing that puzzles me and nothing he’s done so far with the redactions clears this up. We know what the Russians wanted to do. They wanted to sow salt in our social wounds and make them worse and they wanted Mr. Trump to get elected. They did not need to collude with his campaign. They were much more professional about this than his campaign ever could have been.”

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