Condoleezza Rice: ‘I Learned from President Bush How To Be a Good Public Servant’

‘I learned to care about relationships before you needed to call somebody’


DICKERSON: "One of the measures of leadership is that leaders make the people who work for them better."
RICE: "Yes."
DICKERSON: "How did George — what did you learn from George Herbert Walker Bush?"
RICE: "I learned from President Bush how to be a good public servant and what that meant. I learned to care about relationships before you needed to call somebody. I remember as a young staffer I got this note early in February that said I want to congratulations Helmut Kohl on his victory in the Bundestag. And I was the specialist I thought what victory in the Bundestag? But he was reaching out before he had to ask Helmut Kohl do something difficult for Germany. And that’s who he was. He absolutely valued relationships and -- and valued people. And I think I learned a lot from him about that."

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