Ned Ryun on Illegals Being on Welfare: I Totally Agree with Trump Shutting Down the Border

‘Then we can have a conversation about what size government do we really want?’


RYUN: "I think part of the problem is I don’t think a lot of the American people are focused on the numbers. They haven’t really looked and seen the staggering costs. People are saying the wall will cost us anywhere from $23 to $25 billion and I’m saying, 'Well, we are spending $116 to $130 billion a year already on illegal immigration that is already taking place. I think it’s time for us to take a really hard stance. I totally agree with President Trump talking about shutting down the southern border. I would also argue he should shut down the government. Because then we can have a conversation about what size government do we really want? And people have to understand, when we talk about government shutdown, government really doesn’t shut down. We just send home the non-essentials of which there are about 800,000 federal government employees that are considered non-essential. Let’s have that conversation. Why do we have 2 million government employees? Why are we spending $136 billion a year. And why do we have 430 departments, agencies and subagencies in our federal government?" 

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