Abby Philip: ‘It Has Always Been Clear That Loyalty Is a One-Way Street with Trump’

‘Michael Cohen found out the hard way that President Trump was not going to come and save him’


PHILLIP: "It’s almost as if he didn’t work for President Trump who has been this way for basically his entire life. It has always been clear that loyalty is a one-way street with Trump, that he expects blind loyalty from the people who work for him, but he often does not reciprocate that. And Michael Cohen found out the hard way that President Trump was not going to come and save him. Even though President Trump happens to also be the only person in this country who could save him from some of this. He’s the only person who could potentially pardon Michael Cohen and Michael Cohen realized that he couldn’t rely on that and President Trump is showing us in his tweets that he really doesn’t have any regard for this person who worked for him for so long. He’s characterized him as weak, he said he deserves a very long prison sentence, the longest possible sentence. He said not only Michael Cohen but his wife and father-in-law ought to get that same sentence. So President Trump is beyond throwing him under the bus here. Cohen is in a difficult spot because he has done exactly what Trump expects of everyone who works for him. He has lied for the president, he has done things quietly to protect him behind the scenes, and he tried to take the fall for him, but now it has become a lot — and it’s not just Cohen, it’s also his family. I think for a lot of people involved in this case, that has become untenable for them."

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