CNN’s Jamie Gangel on What Bush 41 Thought of Trump: ‘The Word Blowhard Is on the Record’

‘Donald Trump is 180 from who George H.W. Bush is’


TAPPER: "What did President Bush think of Donald Trump? We know he didn’t vote for him in 2016." 

T. MCBRIDE: "Yes, I’m — I’m afraid I don’t know." 

GANGEL: "Well, the word 'blowhard' is on the record. There was a book written, 'The Last Republicans,' by Mark Updegrove, and President Bush did say that on the record, that he thought Trump was a blowhard. Look, Donald Trump is 180 from who George H.W. Bush is. But inviting him to the funeral is not a surprise, because this is about respect for the office." 

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