David Cay Johnston: ‘Trump’s Entire Career Is Based on Fake News’

‘And when you show it’s false, what does he say? Fake news’


JOHNSTON: "Well, everything that David said is exactly correct, and the book that David did with Mike Isikoff is a really valuable guide to what was going on during this era. Understand that Donald Trump’s entire career is based on fake news. He plants stories about things, I’m the biggest developer in New York. Not even close. I have the most successful casinos. Not really. You know, I’m dating these three famously beautiful women, two of whom he’s never met and one of whom says he’s a lunatic. It is the acceptance of these stories for 30 years by most journalists that got Trump where he is today. So lying to him has actually helped him. It makes sense that, of course, he doesn’t see anything wrong with telling the biggest whopper in the world. And when you show it’s false, what does he say? Fake news.”

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