Nadler: ‘It Is Clear that the President Feels that the Walls Are Closing in on Him’

‘Mr. Whitaker is wrong when he says that following the President’s private business deals is not connected with the investigation’


NADLER: "Well, the first thing we want to do, obviously, is pass that legislation that is in the Blumenthal in the Senate and others and I in the House introduced to protect the Special Counsel and we can push for that. It is probably not going to pass, Mitch McConnell won’t allow it on the Senate floor at the moment. We can push for that. And we can hold public hearings and shine the light of publicity on whatever is going on. And we can insist on answers in front of the Committee if necessary by subpoena. Those are the major powers that we have. And I must say, this is a particularly fraught moment because it is clear that the President feels that the walls are closing in on him and but it is also clear that Congress is both because of what the — what is coming out, what Michael Cohen’s revelation that contrary to what he was saying, they were doing business with Russia during the campaign, which not only is — was directly contrary to what the President was assuring the American people, but because of that and because the Russians obviously knew it, put the President in a position to be blackmailed by Putin at any time. Which may explain why he was so obsequious to Putin at all times, raised the question what other compromising information the Russians may have on the President. And this is — and that is why, by the way, Mr. Whitaker is wrong when he says that following the President’s private business deals is not connected with the investigation of the Russians trying to subvert our election because there may be a direct relationship, and there certainly is a direct relationship if one of the candidates is compromised by the Russians, by their possession of information contrary to what that candidate is assuring the people."

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