Gutfeld: The Media Has ‘Trump Success Denial Disorder’

‘Trump is like an ice cream store with amazing playoffs’


GUTFELD: "Trump is like an ice cream store with amazing flavors. You have wages and cream, you have gobs of jobs. Economy crunch. Optimism swirl. You have North Korea caramel, and where is the media? They're across the street, feeding out of a garbage can. Their cheeks swollen with rotten fruit and vegetables. Because all they want is bad news, and that’s what you saw in that montage. They have Trump success denial disorder. They can’t bear it. I learned a lot about trade. I don’t like where he was going with trade, but he forced it on me. I had to learn about these imbalances that I didn't want to learn about because, frankly, I am an opinion person. I don’t want to learn about trade. I just want to shout about it. But he forced me to learn about it and I realized, you know what? The guy cares about it. Turns out he is right, he's getting stuff done. And instead, these other creeps elsewhere are just too busy obsessing over the garbage can filled with rotten fruit and vegetables. Thank you."

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