Fox News: Facebook Under Fire After Sheryl Sandberg Asked Staffers to Research Soros

‘The request came days after the billionaire attacked Facebook during a speech at the World Economic Forum’


HEINRICH: "Sandra, according to 'The New York Times' Facebook confirmed that Sheryl Sandberg asked her communications team to determine if George Soros would profit from attacks against the social media giant. But just two weeks ago Sandberg denied knowledge about a separate push or effort to push negative stories about Soros. It's all causing questions about just how much Facebook’s seconding command was involved in the campaign against the liberal billionaire. The request from Sandberg came after Soros blasted tech companies in the speech at the World Economic Forum in Davis, Switzerland saying the companies could threaten democracy and impact human behavior. The speech coming at a time when Facebook was under the microscope for disseminating Russian propaganda. But the earlier denial was related to a separate push to circulate negative stories about Soros that put Facebook in hot water after the firm they hired was linked to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. According to 'The Times' Facebook commissioned a campaign style opposition research effort by definers public affairs aimed to discredit critics of the company. They later fired definers after a 'Times' investigation.”

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