Rep. Castro: ‘I Don’t Think We Can Believe What the President Says About His Relationship with Russia’

‘The special counsel can look into how they went about doing business in other countries’


CASTRO: "I don’t think we can believe what the President says about his relationship with Russia or whether he conspired with Russia or not because you’re right, he started, Chris, by saying I have no business with Russia, I haven’t talked to any Russians, and now we have all this evidence of collusion of meetings of trying to get information about Hillary Clinton, now further reporting that basically a bribe may have been offered to Vladimir Putin to allow the Trump Tower Moscow project to go forward. And that’s very important because what’s important there is that it may show a method of doing business that then opens up other questions about how he was doing business in other countries where he has Trump properties. So he can face criminal liability there, if, in fact, that $50 million condo was offered to Vladimir Putin and the Special Counsel can start looking into how they went about doing business in other countries."

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