Judge Nap: Flake’s Mueller Protection Bill ‘Is a Solution in Search of a Problem’

‘First of all, the president can only fire Bob Mueller for misconduct in office’


NAPOLITANO: "That is the constitutional conscience of the Senate, Senator Mike Lee. I fully agree with him. I also agree with Senator McConnell. This is a solution in search of a problem. First of all, the President can only fire Bob Mueller for misconduct in office. He can’t fire him because he doesn’t like who he indicted. And even if he did fire him, that would not undo the indictments or the prosecutions that have begun. But Senator Lee’s argument is, if you sort of institutionalize this office and make it very, very difficult for anybody to regulate it, what is it? What branch of the government is it in? If it’s in the executive branch, they work for the president. If it’s in the legislative branch, they work for Congress. You have this thing as almost a fourth branch of the government. You can only do that by amending the Constitution."

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