Ralph Peters: Biden Was Right that Boots on the Ground Are Needed in Syria

‘The empires are back and we’re pretending that history doesn’t matter’

HEMMER: “To circle back to Joe Biden. What he said also in that interview on CBS, no existential threat in the United States because of what’s going on in Iraq and Syria. Folks like you tell come on television and you tell us the possibility of foreign fighters being trained there and coming back to France, to England, potentially to the United States is very real. If that is the case, why does he say there is no threat against the United States?”

PETERS: “Well, the important word is a qualifier, existential. He’s right. For now, there is no existential threat. None of our enemies in the United States could wipe out the United States tomorrow. But you’ve got to think beyond the next election, beyond the next cycle and down the road. An Iranian empire or with nukes, that’s certainly an existential threat for Israel and a terrible if not existential threat for us. The empires are back, and we’re pretending that history doesn’t matter.”

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