CNN: ‘Hillary Echoes Obama;’ President Is ‘Handing over’ the Party to Her

‘He’s handing it over to Hillary Clinton, saying, “Run on this. It worked for me twice; it can work for you, too”‘

CNN: ‘Hillary Echoes Obama’, President ‘Handing Over’ Party to Her (Washington Free Beacon)

Hillary Clinton is making it ever more apparent that she plans to make her Presidency a continuation of Obama’s time at the White House.

Clinton had been laying low the past month until this week. She sent a tweet with a populist message of improving conditions for the middle class and did so once more supporting President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Clinton spoke in Winnipeg yesterday and offered kind words for the Obama administration, praising the economic recovery and Obama’s vision for the middle class.

“Now, I’ve lost track of how many electoral votes that Winnipeg gets in presidential elections, but clearly she was out of the public eye for more than a month. She’s been working on this and she’s clearly decided ‘I like the President’s plan, I’m not afraid to stand with him,’” John King said.

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