Trevor Noah Gushes: My Brain ‘Froze,’ Stopped Working When I Met Obama

‘He was like, “Trevor, I’m doing a little thing for my aides and I hope you’ll be there’


NOAH: "It was really embarrassing, but you know, I got to meet President Obama in the White House and it was one of the most amazing experiences. And you know what happens when you meet people who are beyond famous? Like, there are some people where you just, you lose what your brain is supposed to be doing. So, the mouth, the brain, nothing connects, nothing works. So, like, when he walked in, I was like, in my head I was like, oh yeah, President Obama is going to walk in, and I'll say this to him, I'll make a joke about Africa, Africa me, Africa him, Africa thing. And then he walked in, and he was like 'Trevor' and I was just like — And I honestly didn't know what to say. And we had a good time, we had this interview, and I tell the story in the special about how the worst part was it was just a moment when my brain froze because he asked me about this event, and he was like 'Trevor,  you know, I'm doing a little thing for my aides and I hope that you'll be there.' And I was like, you have aides? And he was like 'What?' And he was like 'what?' and I was like, no what, you? And then he explained — and I mean, it's obvious now, don't get me wrong. It's obvious now. But it threw me off completely. We don't say that where I'm from. We don't have — no one's going, oh, let me introduce you to my aides. That's not a thing in Africa. And I get it now, I totally get it. But it was, like, one of the craziest moments to have with the President. But he was nice about it. He laughed at me — "

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