Alfonso Aguilar: Time to Send a Clear Message ‘Storming Across the Border’ Is Not the Way to Enter the U.S.

‘What frustrates me is that Democrats are politicizing this issue, using this to attack Trump’


AGUILAR: "I think they’re doing an outstanding job. It’s time to send a clear message that entering the country illegally, much less storming across the border, it’s not the way to enter the United States. It’s not only dealing with those who are right outside of the border right now with this caravan, but also sending a message to immigrants who are thinking about it to dissuade them from entering the country irregularly. It’s for their own safety. Walking all the way from Honduras or Guatemala, through Mexico, to of the United States, it’s a very dangerous journey. We want to dissuade people from doing that. What frustrates me is that Democrats are politicizing this issue, using this to attack Trump rather than questioning the organizers of this caravan who are using these poor people, telling them, get in the caravan, you’re going to make it to the United States and you will be able to petition for asylum and stay in the United States. The majority of them, the immense majority don’t qualify for asylum, they’re using them to make a political point and Democrats are not saying anything about it. It’s shameful."

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