Matt Miller: If Manafort Was Promised a Pardon Would Be a ‘Clear Case of Obstruction of Justice’

‘I think it would be a clear case of obstruction of justice’


MILLER: "I think it would be a clear case of obstruction of justice. Look, the president has untrammelled power under the Constitution to grant pardons. But if he does it for a corrupt purpose, it can without — I think -- I think -- you know, there are some constitutional scholars that would disagree with this, but I think most would say it is a crime. And I think it’s a relevant precedent that Bill Clinton when he granted pardons to Marc Rich at the last days of his term was investigated as part of a criminal investigation by the southern district of New York, whether that, you know, he basically accepted a bribe in the form of campaign contributions. You could apply some of the same analysis here, and conclude that the president’s obstructing justice. I think that would be relevant if the Justice Department ever wanted to charge him criminally after he left office and of course it would be relevant in any sort of impeachment inquiry that could begin while he’s still in office."

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