Eugene Robinson: ‘James Bond Scenario’ Manafort Is Protecting Eastern Europeans Is ‘Not That Implausible’

‘I don’t find it that implausible that he could have concerns about life’


ROBINSON: “Yeah, yeah. I mean, many, many years, actually. And, you know, Katty, I don’t find it that implausible that he could have concerns about life and limb given the people he’s dealt with in the past. You know, sort of shady $10 million payments in cash under the table and dealing with —“
KAY: “So he would go to jail for potentially 15 years because that’s something he might be afraid of?”
ROBINSON: “Well, if you’re concerned about your — not only your own welfare, but that of your family, that potentially of others and what these kinds of folks might do to people, I mean, these are not good people. These are people with a track record of — let’s put it this way. People who cross them, you know, tend to have a — frankly, some of them have a shorter life expectancy. I just — you know, I don’t think that James Bond scenario is that implausible at all. It looks to me like there are some secret or secrets that Paul Manafort is so willing to — so determined to keep and so afraid of breaching the trust that he’s willing to go to jail potentially for the rest of his life."

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