Don Lemon on Trump’s Claims on Tear-Gassed Children, Climate Change, Khashoggi Murder, Crimea: It’s a Daily War on Reality

‘Deny, deny, deny’


LEMON: “All of this is happening as President Trump day after day waging a war on reality. Let’s be honest. Let’s talk about his relationship with reality. Confronted with facts that don’t fit his view of the world, his strategy is this. It’s simple. Deny, deny, deny. Okay. Let’s just start with today. Falsely claiming that migrant children were not tear-gassed at the border this weekend.”
TRUMP [clip]: “We didn’t.”
LEMON: “Facts really matter, right? And the fact is children were tear-gassed. You can see that for yourself in this picture. There it is. This is a president who not only denies reality, denies what we have seen with our own eyes, he denies what members of his own administration tell him. Think about that. There is the big climate change report the White House tried to bury by releasing it on the day after Thanksgiving. A report produced by a team of 13 federal agencies. 1,656 pages full of facts, of science, and really frightening predictions about what could happen as temperatures continue to rise.”

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