Jeffries: Trump Said that Mexico Will Pay for the Wall So Either Go Talk to Mexico, or Go Take a Hike

‘Donald Trump promised the American people that Mexico would pay for it’


JEFFRIES: "Certainly. I think — listen, there are serious decisions that are going to have to be made with respect to issues that involve a possible government shutdown. We have to have consensus position if we're going to push back against what the Trump Administration may be trying to do. My personal view with respect to the wall is that Donald Trump promised the American people that Mexico would pay for it, so either go talk to Mexico or go take a hike as it relates to billions of dollars being spent from the American taxpayer as it relates to the wall. However, I know some of my colleagues, even within the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, have raised the issue of some possible exchange of border security which could involve some modest funding for a wall-type structure if there’s comprehensive immigration reform that relates to making sure that we can provide a real pathway towards citizenship, so that's a discussion we can have."

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