Thomas Homan: Carrying a Sign ‘I Want a Job’ Doesn’t Qualify You for Asylum

‘I certainly feel bad for the plight of these people but they aren’t true asylum seekers’


HOMAN: "Well, first of all, I’ve said many times I certainly feel bad for the plight of these people but, they are not asylum, they are not true asylum seekers. They don’t qualify under existing law to claim asylum, they want to come here. You're seeing them they’re caring signs I want a job. That doesn’t qualify for asylum. So I certainly understand the plight of these people. I can certainly understand them wanting to be a part of this country but there is a legal way to do it. And they aren’t following the legal process. They are using the asylum system which harms real true asylum seekers who really are escaping fear and persecution. But on your first point about the women and children escaping tear gas, we got to look at the facts here. A minority of this -- of this caravan, a small minority is actually family members, women and children. Most of them are adult males.”

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