Cummings: ‘The American People Said to Us They Want Robust, Transparent Investigations’ of Trump

‘The American people said to us through this election we want accountability’

CUMMINGS: "Let’s be clear. The American people said to us through this election we want accountability we want to check on this president the United States. But they also said something they said we want you to solve our problems. And a lot of our emphasis is going to be on and laser focus on things like the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs, healthcare, dealing with things like issues like opioids and one that is near and dear to me, voting rights. We are going to look at all of now as far as President Trump — and his administration, the American people said they want robust and transparent invest with integrity. I haven’t figured out exactly what order they’re they’r important. But I guarantee you we’ll look at them quite a bit."

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