Co-Author of the Climate Change Report: It ‘Amplifies’ Coastal Flooding, Hurricanes, Wildfires, ‘Exacerbates’ Poverty and Hunger

‘Wherever we live, we are affected by the changing climate’


HAYHOE: "The reason why we care about a changing climate is because it takes the risks we already face naturally in the places that we live and it amplifies them. So if we do live in Florida or along the gulf coast, then we care a lot about coastal flooding which of course is getting worse due to rise and as well as hurricanes. And if we live in the western U.S., we care about wildfires. And wildfires are a natural part of life, but as it has been getting hotter and drier, they are burning greater and greater area. Twice as much area is being burned. In the midwest and northeast, we are seeing major increases in heavy precipitation which has all kinds of impacts on our infrastructure, on agricultural. Wherever we live, we are affected by the changing climate."

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