Obama Energy Aide Slams Trump as ‘Afraid’ of Own Administration’s Climate Report: It’s ‘Shameful’

‘This is, unfortunately, par for the course for this president that he would try to bury this news and deny it’


LEVINE: "Yeah, and I’m glad, Ali, that you let Tom summarize the 1,600 pages and didn’t ask me to do that on Black Friday here. But, look, I think, you know, President Trump is obviously afraid of what his Administration is reporting. It’s contrary to his agenda, it's contrary to the interests that support this President. And, you know, it’s really, frankly, quite shameful, I think, for a President who just came out to California and visited the devastation in Paradise, California, in Malibu. Where towns have literally been just wiped off the map as a result of the extreme weather that we’re seeing from climate change. So, you know, this is, unfortunately, par for the course for this President. That he would try to bury this news and deny it. I think probably he’s doing it because he feels that it will continue to rev up his base and stoke his supporters."

(h/t Mediaite)


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