Jackie Kucinich: A Lot of Dem House Chairmen Are Going To Be Coming at Trump and He Won’t Be Able To Insult His Way out of It

‘Because Democrats do have to worry about overplaying their hands here’


KUCINICH: “Hmmm. So Adam Schiff is someone that is going to be adversarial with the President. He is the opposing party, and he’s about to take over the Intelligence Committee, which, under Devin Nunes, frankly was broken, and the Russia investigation was broken there. So we’ll see how he chooses to approach this. Because Democrats do have to worry about overplaying their hands here. That said, he’s also not going to be alone. You know, if he’s looking into the President’s finances and Trump’s finances as it relates to Saudi Arabia, he also has the House Ways and Means committee, he's going to be asking for the President’s tax returns. So a lot of Democratic House chairmen are going to be coming at the President. And he’s not going to be able to, you know, insult his way out of this.”

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