WaPo’s Dawsey: ‘Inexplicably’ Trump Said MBS Felt Even Worse About Khashoggi Killing than He Did

‘The CIA concluded he wanted it to happen and ordered it’


DAWSEY: "These were not traditional Thanksgiving tidings, John. Obviously, yesterday the President began his call with the service members talking about a whole array of issues. Then he took questions from the assembled reporters at Mar-a-Lago and we asked him about the CIA assessment that Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman had ordered the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the journalist from 'The Post.' The President said that that was their feelings, but they had not conclusively ordered that and he was not planning to do much about it. When he was asked directly who he thought should be held accountable for the world, he said the world because the world is a vicious place. And he said somewhat inexplicably that Mohammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince felt even worse about it than he did. It’s hard to believe how that could be true, because there has not been any sort of remorse from the Crown Prince MBS. And in fact, the CIA has concluded he wanted it to happen and ordered it."

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