Del Percio: Trump ‘Only Cares About Making a Dollar’’

‘That’s not what American values are about’

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DEL PERCiO: “I think when you look at the asylum issue, I think it’s also important to look where he is preventing people from coming into this country from. Where are they from? He doesn’t like people from that part of the world. He is only concerned about making -- doing what is in his best interests and to help himself. And that I think goes to the governor’s point about how we are viewed around the world. He only cares about making a dollar. So, therefore, it’s OK for Saudi Arabia, according to him, to -- to take actions that they had because we had a deal with them based on financial need. That’s not what American values are about. Look at all the people who are giving money to the folks who have lost everything in the fires in California. People are going into their pockets for $5, $50, a million dollars. People are giving. That's the values of this country and that’s what the president does not represent.”

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