Katy Tur: ‘Trump Is Siding with Dictators over His Intelligence Community’

‘He’s putting troops down on the border for arguably a political stunt’


TUR: “What we have seen when we looked at the guardrails of this presidency, the people checking Donald Trump against his worst impulses, there have been some within the Administration, we had Don McGahn just from the news yesterday when Donald Trump wanted to try to prosecute Hillary Clinton and James Comey, that’s the most recent example. But what we’ve seen consistently, that the biggest check on Donald Trump’s presidency has been the courts and has been rulings on the travel ban, rulings on immigration which is what Donald Trump was set off by today, saying that asylum seekers couldn’t come into this country and seek asylum. The courts rejected that. So that has been the case, regardless of how you feel about the courts, that’s just been the facts. But I think we, we don’t want to get too narrow on this, guys. I mean, this is coming in at a time where Donald Trump is doing all sorts of things that are — that were once unimaginable by a President of the United States. He’s talking about prosecuting his political enemies. He’s siding with dictators over his intelligence community. He did that with Russia. He’s doing that again with Saudi Arabia. He’s putting troops down on the border for arguably a political stunt, to win in the midterms for no real reason. He’s stripping critics of their security clearance. He’s fighting with the free press. I mean, this just goes on and on and on and on, Eugene.”

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