Greg Gutfeld: The Media Has Trump Amnesia

‘The media is too insecure to ask stupid questions’


GUTFELD: “If you took every outrage that the media embraced that was born from Trump venting, you would have nothing. His venting is defined by thinking out loud and wondering of what possibility is out there that could solve something that bugs him and then somebody says something, he goes okay. Then he finds something else. Trump is a salesman and a businessman and what do you do when you enter a new job? You ask a bunch of questions. Some of the questions are incredibly stupid and that’s why Donald Trump is different than anybody in the media. Because the media is too insecure to ask stupid questions. It’s almost a superhero power that Trump has. His willingness not to feel shame when he’s wrong and when he asks a dumb question. Can I prosecute her? You can’t prosecute her. Okay. There is this kind of amnesia that I read about where you forget whatever is absorbed that same day so every new day is new. The media has Trump amnesia. They wake up every day as though it’s the first day of the presidency and they freak out. On fact, I don’t know why his critics are so fat. They are always up in arms. They should be so fit. They're always like this, screaming. They should be on the cover of Men’s Health. Instead they are just bloated. How are they so bloated when they are so screaming all the time?”

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