CNN Adamant: Hillary’s Uranium One Scandal ‘Completely Disproven’

‘This is known as the Uranium One scandal which has thus far been completely disproven’

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JARRETT: “For months we've seen the president on Twitter publicly calling on the Justice Department to investigate Clinton and Comey. But we’re now learning that behind the scenes in private he was actually serious, and that he actually had conversations with his then White House counsel Don McGahn about ordering the Justice Department to do just that. Now, our reporting is that McGahn actually rebuffed the president. But 'The New York Times' takes it a step further, and says that he actually, McGahn, I should say, had a memo drafted up explaining the down sides of this potentially investigating and that it would result in possible impeachment. Now according to our own reporting, the president had conversations with the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as well as the acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker who was then Jeff Sessions' chief of staff, inquiring into existing investigations into the Clinton Foundation as we've previously reported. There is actually a top prosecutor out in Utah who has been deputized to look into investigations surrounding the Clinton investigation, surrounding the Clinton’s ties to a Russian nuclear energy corporation; this is known as the Uranium One scandal which has thus far been completely disproven. But all of these types of conversations raising a myriad of issues about whether proper boundaries have been observed between the White House and this Justice Department, Poppy."

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