Rachael Bade: Pelosi Is in ‘Trouble Right Now,’ She ‘Has a Real Big Math Problem’

‘Democrats have taken 233 seats in the house and she needs 218 on the House floor to be speaker’


BADE: "She’s in trouble right now. Just look at the math, she has a real big math problem right now. Democrats have taken 233 seats in the House and she needs 218 on the House floor to be Speaker. That means she can only lose 15 Democrats and last night, yesterday, we finally saw this group of sort of Pelosi critics put out this letter they had been talking about for three weeks. There was a lot of speculation would they do it, would they not. This letter says, 'We will vote against you on the House floor.' There were 15 on that document. I personally know of at least three more who didn’t want to be associated with this group of rebels trying to push her out, but are also planning to vote against her on the floor. So she's got a big problem here.” 

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