Blumenthal: Trump’s Promotion of Whitaker ‘Part of a Slow Motion Saturday Night Massacre’

‘... death by 1,000 cuts, cuts in funding that could strangle the investigation’

BERMAN: "I'm not suggesting there's precedent. They claim through the vacancy act, a law passed by Congress, that a resignation is a reason to appoint a temporary person and they say that's how they're getting it through. Let me ask you about Whitaker who has been on the job now I think it's officially two weeks as of today. Have you seen any evidence yet that he has worked to slow or impede the Mueller probe?"
BLUMENTHAL: "There is no overt evidence, no public indication yet, but there would not be any probably at this point. If he has declined to approve a subpoena or an indictment, which he could do in supervising the investigation, with he may not know about it at this point."
BERMAN: "If he did something like that would you hope that Robert Mueller would go public with it? Do you think his investigator should say, hey, we wanted to issue a subpoena, hand up an indictment but the acting attorney general said no?"
BLUMENTHAL: "At some point I would hope that he would, but what we have here is the danger of a slow motion Saturday night massacre, death by 1,000 cuts, cuts in funding that could strangle the investigation, cuts in authority, cuts in subpoenas that may not be public. I'm going to be introducing legislation that will require, absolutely require, full disclosure of all the findings and evidence of the Mueller investigation if he is in any way forced to resign or if he is fired. Just to go back to your point about the vacancies act, which is an important one, you know, the United States constitution is the highest law of the land. It trumps the vacancies reform act and even if you go by statutes, there is a more specific one that says the deputy attorney general, rod Rosenstein, should take over. So there is really no crisis, no kind of exigent circumstance that would justify going around Rod Rosenstein.

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