Jackie Alemany: Michael Steele Told Me Attacks on Pelosi Were Sexist

‘The basic premise is was he appointed unconstitutionally?’


ALEMANY: "It's hard really to tell until a vote actually takes place here. But I just want to come back to something Diana DeGette told Kasie Hunt on Sunday, which is that you really can't beat somebody with nobody. And that is sort of the position we're in right now. Obviously, Nancy Pelosi and her office are taking this very seriously. They are meeting with as many people as possible, trying to forge strong alliances and you even see very Progressive House Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say that in her opinion Pelosi is the most progressive out of the options, although there aren't too many options that have presented themselves. But I do want to point out here that out of those 16 signees, 14 of them are men. Only two of them are women. It is really hard to look at this without seeing that sort of disparity. I asked Michael Steele, the former RNC chair, if he thought these attacks on Pelosi were gendered and he responded to me that quite frankly he thought that people at the end of the day do have a problem with women in a position of power." 

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