Ben Cardin on Whitaker Appointment: I’m Pleased My Colleagues Filed Suit

‘I think it is a very serious constitutional issue’


BLITZER: "Three of your Democratic colleagues, senators Mazie Hirono, Richard Blumenthal, and Sheldon Whitehouse, they filed a lawsuit in federal court arguing that Whitaker’s appointment is unconstitutional. Do you think they will prevail in court?"

CARDIN: "I think it is a very serious constitutional issue that the President has brought to the United States, to the public now. And that is by appointing someone who is not confirmed by the United States Senate, where the next person in line was confirmed by the United States Senate, that, I believe, can create a constitutional crisis. So I’m pleased that my colleagues have filed this lawsuit. I hope the court will clarify this, but I do think this is a serious constitutional issue."

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