Begala: Jindal ‘Running for Class Dunce’ by Talking About Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’

‘It’s really depressing. Jindal, a couple years ago, said “I don’t want Republicans to be the stupid party”‘

"He [Jindal] is a smart guy who keeps saying stupid things. He’s a Rhodes scholar. He went to school in England. He should have his facts on this and he doesn’t. The prime minister of England, a conservative, David Cameron, said that the analysts who Mr. Jindal is apparently relying on is — I’m quoting the prime minister of Great Britain, ‘a complete idiot’. The guy — as Ana points out — he has, Governor Jindal, an Ivy League degree on biology, and yet now, he says, you know, I’m not sure if I believe in evolution. It’s really depressing. Jindal, a couple of years ago said, I don’t want the Republicans to be the stupid party. Well, he’s now running for like class dunce. It’s really embarrassing to see a guy that bright just embarrass himself this way.”

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