Stelter: W.H. Using Jim Acosta Fight as ‘Threat that Looms Over’ the Entire Press Corps

‘What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to establish some kind of ground rules within a press conference setting, so that nobody can act out of order’


STELTER: "What we have here is a two-page letter from the White House that was sent over to Acosta a few minutes ago. And it confirms that his hard pass, that's the pass he uses every day to enter the White House, will be restored. That means the White House is voluntarily granting access back to Acosta. Whereas back on Friday, it was a court that was forcing the White House to give his pass back temporarily. So we’ve been in the midst of this 14-day temporary restraining order. There’s 11 more days remaining on it, as mandated by a judge. There’s some back and forth over the weekend, where it seemed the White House was once again threatening Acosta, saying that as soon as that temporary restraining order expires, you’re going to be out of here again. CNN went back to court this morning, asked the judge for another hearing, but the change here, this backing down as of 3:00 P.M., is that the White House is saying in this letter, that the pass will be restored voluntarily by the Administration. Now, there is, of course, a caveat. And I think that the White House wants to straighten this along and makes this a threat that looms over the entire White House press corps.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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