Conway: Trump and Those Around Him Have Been ‘Completely Compliant’ with Every Request from Mueller

‘1.4 million pieces of paper, think about that, have been produced’


CONWAY: “I want to repeat for your viewers that this president and those around him have been completely compliant with every request; 1.4 million pieces of paper, folks, think about that, 1.4 million pieces of paper have been produced; 33 people or so we read in the paper have been interviewed and asked for information and have complied, and that includes the president of the United States, who from the beginning has said there was no Russia collusion. I assure you there wasn't at the highest level of the campaign. If other people were doing shenanigans, trying to make themselves important, or didn’t have enough faith in Donald J. Trump that he can get the job done and beat Hillary Clinton on his own, which he did, he and Governor Pence did to get elected." 

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