Blumenthal: Trump ’Is Looking Like He Is Caught,’ ‘the Walls Seem To Be Closing In’

‘Trump is looking like he is caught’

MATTHEWS: "Senator, what do you know about how close this report is coming? We had people on tonight, smart people. Cynthia and Michael of The New York Times, they know what’s going on. They all seem to be suggesting that the last element in this whole report by — I’m losing the names — by Mueller, that it’s all coming to an end once they get the written answers from trump. Is that your understanding that we’re getting close to the end here?"
BLUMENTHAL: "My hunch, and it’s not much more than an educated guess, is that the special counsel still has a good deal of work to do. Remember that the written answers to these questions pertain only to the pre-election so far Donald Trump has refused to answer any questions involving the transition or post inaugural period, which has to be unacceptable to special prosecutor. The special prosecutor may well seek oral answers to these questions, as he probably should. I think we still have a ways to go. You said earlier that Donald Trump is looking like he is caught. I think the walls seem to be closing in. And as Manafort and Rick Gates and Michael Cohen continue to cooperate, remember they were all active just this past week and talking to the prosecutors, there is still more information to be gleaned here. Robert Mueller is nothing if not methodical, by the book."

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