Kelly Confronts D’Souza for Saying Obama Hasn’t Had ‘African-American Experience’

‘He has black skin and he grew up in America as a black man ... come on, Dinesh!’

Megyn Kelly Confronts D’Souza for Saying Obama Hasn’t ‘Had the African-American Experience’ (Mediaite)

Dinesh D’Souza appeared with Megyn Kellytonight to elaborate on his comments about Martin Luther King, Jr. and said something aboutPresident Obama that really took Kelly by surprise. D’Souza was on, partially, to address his tweets about Dr. King and drew parallels between King and himself.

He told Kelly that King, unlike Obama, Eric Holder,Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, was a tremendous force on the issue of civil rights. Those other people, he said, have a “completely different attitude toward the color-blind ideal, which they reject.”

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