Conway: ‘This President and Everyone Around Him Has Been Nothing But 100% Compliant’ with Mueller

‘I can tell you that this president and everyone around him has been nothing but 100% compliant for a year and a half’


CONWAY: “I can tell you that this president and everyone around him has been nothing but 100 percent compliant for a year and a half now. Millions and millions of dollars later, months and months later, 1.4 million pieces of paper, 33 plus people having met with or complied with request from the Mueller team, including the president of the United States. I’m not privy to specific questions, we’re walled off on that here at the White House and rightfully so, but the President said there’s no Russia collusion, and he’s also said that he is complying and he is with his attorney. So I can’t comment further about the legal specifics, except it is very important to note that the people who promise they are going to frog march Donald Trump out of the White House because of Russia collusion two years ago are now bellyaching about something else, all the while he's complying.”

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