Hannity Slams ‘Idiotic’ Kamala Harris for Suggesting ICE Is Like the KKK: ‘Beyond Despicable’

‘California Senator Kamala Harris’


HANNITY: “It is a big breaking news night, and we have a lot to cover. We just saw the report, and we will show you the horrific new video illustrating why it is so important to secure our southern border. Meanwhile, democratic presidential hopeful just compared I.C.E. To the KKK and tonight we will have the latest of elements surrounding Michael Avenatti who is facing felony domestic abuse charges. We will point out the left’s glaring due process double standards in this country and we have new to elements from the Mueller witch hunt. No more recounts by the way in Florida’s gubernatorial election. Republican Ron Desantis is now officially the governor-elect. Buckle up in time for our opening monologue.”

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