Rand Paul on Saudi Arabia: ‘We Should Not Be Arming the Enemy ... Who Teach Hatred of Christianity’

‘You can’t carry a bible in Saudi Arabia’

PAUL: "Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars spent by the Saudis and yet people say well, we make a buck and we can create a job, I for one would not try to create one job by selling arms to people who are our enemy. I don’t care about jobs if we’re going to have to sell arms to our enemies. The arms belong to the American people and the arms should be seen as a national security we don’t sell arms to Russia. We don’t sell arms to China. And we shouldn’t sell arms to the Saudis who teach hatred of christianity. There are Saudi cities you can’t even go to. Christians can’t go to Mecca or Medina. You can’t carry a bible in Saudi Arabia. You try to visit in Saudi Arabia and bring a bible in, you’ll be rejected at the border. This is not what we’re for."

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