Coons: Whitaker Should ‘Recuse’ Himself from Mueller Oversight

‘I think the president should have followed the DOJ  procedure’


BERMAN: "Matt Whitaker -- the House Judicial Committee and Democrats will control the House. Jerry Nadler who will appear on our show in a little bit, says he wants to call Matt Whitaker before his committee, first order of business in January. Do you feel that the Senate needs to ask him questions about his past? He is not confirmable at this point because he's only the acting attorney general, but do you feel he needs to be vetted by Congress?"
COONS: “Yes. I think he should recuse himself from oversight of the Mueller investigation. I frankly think the president should have followed the DoJ procedure and the relevant statute for succession and made Rod Rosenstein the acting attorney general. But Matt Whitaker is someone who press reports have now revealed has very unusual legal ideas.”

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