CNN’s Bennett on Firing of Deputy NSA: ‘There Are No Melania Trump Coincidences’

‘Everything she does typically has purpose’


BENNETT: “So Sarah Sanders released a statement saying that Mira Ricardel was removed from her position and that she will be working for the administration elsewhere. We don’t know where that will be yet, but clearly the act, I guess we could call it, the statement, the desire of the first lady that this person no longer has the honor of serving in the White House, she felt she didn’t, has come through. I always say there are no Melania Trump coincidences. Everything she does typically has purpose, and there’s something behind it. In this case we don’t know the specific event that was the impetus for the statement yesterday, but we do know there was a very contentious, very sort of back-and-forth relationship between Mrs. Trump’s staff and Ms. Ricardel. Those moments escalated, there were charges, accusations of leaking stories, there were accusations of investigating some of her staff, her behavior in Africa, there was investigation of keeping her off the Africa trip all together, and all of these things in some degree elevated to the point that the first lady felt she had to make this unprecedented statement, and, again, it seems to have gone the way she wanted.”

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