CNN’s Evan Perez: Trump’s Attorneys Would Lie Across Train Tracks To Stop a Face to Face with Mueller

‘I don’t think they certainly would like to see that’


PEREZ: "I think some of the President’s lawyers, I think, would lie across train tracks to try to stop that, Wolf. I don’t think they certainly would like to see that. The President, of course, keeps saying that he would like to do that. I feel like a broken record sort of covering this part of the take-home fest that the President has had in his hands now and his legal team have had now for weeks. And you wonder what’s taking so long in answering these simple questions from the Mueller team. And I think, look, they’re very confident in knowing what other witnesses have told Mueller. They feel confident about what the documents show, that they have turned over to Mueller. What they’re not confident about, Wolf, is any information that Mueller might have gotten from intelligence agencies, overseas, for instance. Things that they do not know that may complicate some of the answers they’re providing."

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