Fmr. Fla. State Sen.: ‘Reality’ of Allegations of Voter Fraud By Rick Scott Are ‘False’

‘It really shows the level of hypocrisy of Rick Scott’


BULLARD: “The reality is the allegations of voter frauds have been false. They were false before the judge ruled. It really shows the level of hypocrisy of Rick Scott. Governor Scott has been at the forefront. Going back the laws he signed in place at 2011. When you hear him claim voter frauds after time and time again of purging roles and making sure folks can vote. Being caught in the supreme Court in courts of how those former felons are giving their right back. The context of voter frauds in this time an place seems very hypocritical. It gives great promise to an expansion of democracy moving forward. However in the current context we’re in now for those folks watching this happen, what’s going to be their level of engagement. Will there be morpathy.”

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