Abby Phillip: It’s Becoming Very Clear Now Virtually Everything Trump’s Said About the Hush Money Payments Has Been Untrue

‘Interestingly enough it doesn’t seem to have had a huge effect’


PHILLIP: "Right, and that’s the other part of this, is the fact that this is all exposing a long-running lie from the President and the people who work for him who have reinforced this lie over many, many months. It is becoming very clear now that virtually everything that the President has said about the series of events surrounding these hush-money payments has been untrue, and, you know, interestingly enough it doesn’t seem to have had a huge effect. But as we get further and further down the legal line, it will be interesting to see whether that starts to change, when it becomes clear, if it becomes clear to Phil’s point, that there is legal exposure, will voters start to pay attention to this or have they become kind of used to it by now? I think there’s a real risk here that that has already happened."

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